The interactive learning binder is a pre-school prep interactive learning tool. It is filed of of fun and hands-on, interactive activities that will teach children 2-4 years old.


The binder will include but not limtied to 

shape recognition

color recognition 


Language learning

Learning numbers and quantity

Days of the week

Solar system



human body parts.

The activities will promote kindergarten readiness while your schoalr has fun! All you need is just 10-15 minutes per day with your scholar reveiwng the binder. Your binder comes already assemebled. 



Hope your scholars enjoy!!
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Thank you from #MPL1 

Interactive learning binder for ages 2-4

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  • Your interactive learning binder will include pre cut matching activities. All materials are double laminated. 

    *You will receive a intrsuction card and tutorial video on how to use the binder.

    *you will recive a terms of use, thank you card, personalized with your child's picture, and a coupon card to save on your next order.

    Please send pictures to after completing order. 

    The binder has different difficulty levels and progress from easiest to hardest.

    It will grow with your scholar.

     You can take your binder on the go. This binder is also great for scholars to work and master basic skills.

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